The Journey

Isabelle went to photography classes when she was at school, learning the camera techniques that complemented a natural sensitivity and a strong sense of the visual. She started her working life in recruitment and human resources, which fostered an empathetic understanding of those around her. In 2006, In 2006, due to her twins’ births and a wish to change her professional path, she put an end to her career and decides to study photography. She feels this need very intuitively.

« What I cannot express with words, I express through my pictures in discursive and poetic wayss »

She works and studies in Paris at l’école des Gobelins, l’école du regard, and Beaux-Arts de Rueil Malmaison, throughout private lessons, workshops and internships. Isabelle exhibited her first series of photographs – Anamnèse - in 2009 and was awarded the Grand Author prize at the Bièvres International Fair. Encouraged because of this reward, she continues this series followed by the others.

The Guiding Principle

Isabelle Levistre’s work questions the way in which our roots, early years, family histories, life experiences and setbacks make us the people we are. She brings the lens to bear on the childhood of her twin daughters and questions herself on her own past, looking for memories, games and the carefreeness that are linked to childhood.

Her work takes us on a life path that sees her directly question her own identity, her identity as a woman and her identity as a mother. Isabelle looks for her roots and for essential forces amongst her strong relationship with nature. Lightness and poetry yield to inherent fragility, gravity and hardness. It is personal work that demands a profound introspection: she handles it with striking sensitivity and intuition, strength and determination

The result is delicate and sensitive work that resonates with each of us, offering images that reach out to all.

The journey continues...